Christmas Presence!

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Families, Personals


By Von Kliem

For most, the Holiday Season is a season for joy and laughter. It is a season where Christmas presents set center stage for family traditions, family gatherings, and family fun!

Unfortunately, Public Safety Professionals know that colorful wrapping paper is too often absent from the homes of the neglected and abused children whose broken bodies they will witness this season. Presents will liter many of the robberies, violent domestics, and fatality accidents that seem to increase over the holidays.

Our first responders are keeping watch so that we can celebrate. They sacrifice time with family and friends so that we can be with ours. They absorb the evil and the chaos and the danger so that we don’t have to. The majority will never complain, and most will volunteer, but the cumulative impact of these experiences can leave the best of us feeling alone, exhausted, and helpless.

During the Holiday Season, we hope to find the perfect gift for those we love. It is often something simple—a favorite candy, a funny card, or a favorite drink. Something that makes them feel seen, known, and celebrated.

This year, consider that many of our public safety family members may be struggling with depression, uncertainty, and loneliness. Some will be exhausted. For them, plan to deliver a simple gift in person. Plan to stay. Plan to sit. Plan to listen.

This year, consider that the greatest gift we can give our friends may not be our presents—it may be our presence.

Thank you to those holding the line this season as the rest of us spend time with our families and friends. We will not squander that gift!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!