Irish Angel & Shatterproof

by | Apr 30, 2022 | News


On my last trip to the U.S, I had the great pleasure. of being invited to Florida by an awesome organization called “Shatterproof.” Irish Angel, prides itself on the partnerships we build and the reasources we provide as being reputable. I am very passionate about making sure that the companies we partner with can offer the best support, quality, care and have integrity for those who we help.

Upon arriving in Fort Lauderdale I met with Alfreo “Sonny” Silva, who was taking me on the tour of the facilties to show me just what Shatterproof had to offer for those in service past and present. The Shatterproof, program was created for Law Enforcement, First Responders and Veterans, that maybe suffering from PTS, addiction and mental health issues.

I had a great meeting with the medical team and management of the program. We had indepth conversations about the ever advancing treatements they have for to aid in the healing process. To say it was extensive and vast is an understatement. The level of care and options of treatment is second to none. But they thing that strick me the most was one. of two things, the genuine care and compasion the staff have for every person that comes through their door, to the warmth and happiness I felt throughout the facility. of all the staff working there. Having spoken to some of the staff it struck me that in a profession where staff turn over is a regular thing, it was’t at Shatterproof. the staff I had spoken too have been in the comany for many, many years. Everyone  seemed so upbeat and happy, which was so unusual given the nature of the business. It radiated throughout the facilty, as in the comunal areas, there was a really good vibe that even made the patients comfortable and seemed happy.

I truly had an excellent experience at Shatterproof, everything from the neurological team, which I might add was “mind blowing”, to the living area for all the service community, was exceptional.

The relationships we build in helping others is so important and to say that
we made excellent partnerships at Shatterproof is an understatement and we are really looking forward to working on projects in the future. There is lot’s more to tell, but all in good time as we work toward helping “protect our protectors’ together.

I wanted to give special thanks to all the team at Shatterproof, for their support and writting this piece about Irish Angel. You guys have been  simply amazing and I am looking forward to seeing you all real soon.

If you want to learn more about Shatterproof and the great work they do in aiding our heroes heal, you can do so by clicking right here.Shatterproof

        “Much Love & Respect From Your Irish Angel.”