Just One, Survival

by | Oct 30, 2020 | Personals


Irish Angel brings to you Greg Demetriou, Ret. NYCPD Detective, Medal of Honor recipient, TV host and business owner. Greg tells us about his experience with PTS, after being shot in the job whilst chasing a bank robber. Greg talks of the times he had felt his most vulnerable, unsure of what was happening to him, to now living and thriving every day. That can be you. It is you; you must dig deep and fight with all you got to live. But you got this, you can do this, and Irish Angel is here for you.

We need to have these difficult conversations surrounding the dark times. Irish Angel will be doing just that as we will bring you stories direct from your brothers and sisters, to show you are not alone. That you are human and it’s ok not to be ok. We can talk about it. We are here.

Even when we are at our worst and it can feel like you are suffocating in your own mind. There is always HOPE, take that deep breath collect yourself and reach out. Irish Angel is building our resources and is continually growing. Click on the resource page. Help is at hand and know Irish Angel is here for you. Reach out, it is the bravest thing you can do.

We got your SIX.

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